Victor Gao

Victor Gao


I first took to programming in high school because I thought programmers were cool. Now, it’s something I do every day.

I love computer science because it is such a useful skill. Since their invention, computers have come a long way. A simple calculator today can compute a million unimaginably large numbers in a fraction of a second. Advanced software can outthink the smartest humans. A clever algorithm can solve a problem trillions of times faster than the naive solution. Knowing how to program puts into your hand this superpower, one that will only become stronger in the future.

Today, I have many years of programming experience. In addition to taking CS at school, I also participate in coding contests, create my own coding problems, and run a computer science club at my school. I mainly program in C++, although I also have experience in C, Java, Python, and Turing. I also use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create my own websites (such as this one).


Each year, the most perceptive hackers ready their mechanical keyboards, dark themed IDEs, and birth programming language to engage in a fearsome battle of code errors, bugs, and cursing at computers.

Just kidding, programmers don’t leave the house.

I participate in many programming competitions including the CCC, USACO, and many different online contests.

Major achievements

Contest history

In addition, I also solve problems and participate in contests on online judges. You can find me on Dmoj and Codeforces

Victoria Park Computer Science

Contest History

This is a list of competitive programming competitions I have completed.